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Most Recent Customer Reviews

blue devil

Oil leak was a few drops before using blue devil now its much worse i don't. Say blue devil was the cause i just report what actually happened

Published 19 days ago by bak

Deos not work

I had a little oil leak on 2002 Cadillac Seville, I bought follow all instructions it simply did not work my leak is still there, what a waste of my hard earned dollars.

Published 2 months ago by Aasome

Worked well for one month...

I had a steady leak from the oil sump.
It seemed to have solved it - but just for a few weeks...the leak has returned... Read more

Published 2 months ago by Avi Yaron

Made leak way, way, way worse

I used this product exactly like the directions say to and it slowed down my leak for about 12 hours. I was having to add 1 quart of oil every week and half to two weeks. Read more

Published 3 months ago by NotSoGood


The oil leak stop s for a couple of days and starts up again. A bit disappointed. It did just as good as the cheaper product.

Published 3 months ago by Cheryl Giovengo

So far, so good.

Have a 97 Accord, it has had a slight leak for many years, but recently got worse. Took it to a mechanic she said it could be a rear main seal or oil pan gasket. Read more

Published 4 months ago by C. Berry

Made Leak Worse

I had an oil leak so I did an oil change and added this Blue Devil Oil Stop leak. I followed the instructions and drove the car for over two hours and 100 miles immediately after... Read more

Published 5 months ago by Willy

White Shepherd Stop Leak

Drive an F250 with 120,000 and had moderate to bad oil pan leak, 6" spot after normal operation; heavy loads in bed and trailer sometimes. Read more

Published 8 months ago by Jay & Bitty

Product okay

The claim of the product is not entirely accurate. It does not permanently seal a leak. It does work in a pinch and will likely get you safely out of a breakdown problem.

Published 8 months ago by Keith Adams

does not work

Used this product per label instuctions, had a small oil leak at oil pan, which actually got worse. Would not recommend this product.

Published 11 months ago by fatfenders

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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worksDecember 3, 2009

By Chris

I got this for a steering fluid leak I'd had for about a year, I would have to refill the fluid every week, and it was getting worse over time. I tried some other stop leak steering fluids but they didn't do anything. This White Shepherd stuff works differently for some reason. It is expensive for a small bottle of fluid, but it's the most affordable fix I could find.

The instructions say to drive around for a while after putting this in, and I think that really makes a difference. I drove for about 45 mins and still noticed a bit of a leak. I took my car out again later that day for maybe an hour or so and after that no leak.

I wouldn't hesitate to use this on any other leaks I may get in the future, steering fluid or otherwise.

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The greatest USA product August 3, 2010

By Nicholas Fusco

I put this in my 2000 Blazer, for multiple engine oil leaks, pan gasket, cooling hoses, ect. Within 3 days drop a drop of oil ANYWHERE, The US can produce great products.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful

A few details February 15, 2012

By All American Mall

First, people should be aware that right on the bottle the directions state that after you pour it in you are supposed to drive vehicle for a minimum of 2 hours and up to 2 days (I am guessing they mean off and on for 2 days but it is worded like solid driving for 2 days?!?!?!).

I used this stuff in transfer case and because transfer cases take oil, not ATF you would NOT want to use the transmission leak stop version. I used it on a 2000 Land Rover Discovery with 230 case that was leaking at front input shaft seal. The leak would leave spot on garage floor concrete just shy of puddling after driving vehicle. Maybe a 2x2 inch wet spot and then could see little drops still clinging to a bolt on case. Many many many people on rover and 4x4 forums swear by this stuff for stopping leaks in transfer cases among other things.

I put it in case and then we took a scenic drive to the mountains, NOT through or in mountains. We drove solid for 2.25 hours then stopped for less than hour for picnic and play and then headed back home (another 2.25 hr drive). It is now one week later and been driving vehicle off and on for normal use. It is still leaking but appears to be 1/3 less. When I added White Shep I did make sure that case was full of oil before driving so it hasn't simply got so low that leaking less. I am debating on trying this stuff again but seems like a person would not want too much in system so would need to drain and fill case with fresh fluid and White Shep too. In the interim it is leaking light enough that we can simply check and top off fluid at same time as oil change.
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Work well June 21, 2011

By Solomon Griffin

Amazon Verified Purchase

Easy to use and very simple, but you have to remember that sometimes you have to seek out repairs, this is not a cure all.

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Saved me about a $900 repair bill! THIS STUFF WORKS! April 9, 2011

By D. Phillips

I own a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier wagon with the 3.1L V6 engine. Mine has 90k miles on it. These 3.1s and others of the same 60 Degree V6 family are NOTORIOUS for the ends of the intake gaskets leaking rather profusely. It's about the only real flaw you will find in one. Other side effects might be piston slap noise when the engine is cold, but in a nutshell they have very good power, quick, peppy, strong, but they leak oil like crazy.

Mine was so bad, it would drip from half dozen places under the front end, running it on the freeway at 75mph resulted the entire rear of the vehicle being coated in oil so bad, you wouldn't want to touch it. If you kept the crankcase at the full level, it would sling out 2qts of oil a week. The only way to get it not to leak so bad, was keep it about a quart and a half low on oil, which you had to check regularly and add half pint at a time, once or twice a week.

I found this White Shepherd Oil Stop Leak by accident, googling for youtube videos on how much trouble it might be to repair the intake gaskets. I figured hey, it's $20, I will give it a try and if it doesn't work, I will simply tear the engine apart and replace the gaskets. Following the directions on the bottle, I added it to the crankcase and drove it like the directions say for 2 hours. GUESS WHAT! IT WORKED! I topped off the oil to the full mark, washed the vehicle and hosed off the bottom of the motor as best as I could reach with the hi-pressure spray wash, and after a few days of in town driving, the bottom of the pan is clean, and DRY!

What more can I say? Hopefully it will stay like that, but I took the time to write an honest review here for others, well worth the $23 cost at Advance Auto where I got mine.

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Very good results September 29, 2011

By hwj

I used this product to stop a differential leak. After adding it to the differential there were no more puddles on the garage floor. I did this over a year ago and there are still no leaks. For once, a product that works.

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It actually works April 29, 2011

By karlos

Amazon Verified Purchase

I pour the whole bottle yesterday since I was going to drive for about 3 hours, so i drove i got home parked the car in a clean spot and I just checked and there is no leak. thank you white shepherd.

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Does what it says it does. May 20, 2013

By Donald Swaim

Amazon Verified Purchase

I had an oli leak that was seeping through to my spark plugs, causing a misfire on cylinder 1, on my 01' Cadillac DeVille.. Plus, my car was overheatjng. So, I used BlueDevil headgasket sealer and I also used BlueDevil stop oil leak as a failsafe. The leak(s) stopped and no more codes or misfires. This product works and it beat getting an engine rebuild..

Product Description

The White Shepherd Stop Leak & Conditioner is a new revolutionary product that has the remarkable ability to repair and seal leaks in power steering, engine oil pans, transmissions, differentials, rack & pinion steering, and even hydraulic systems. The White Shepherd contains no solid or particulate matter. It is non-clogging and will not harm your engine. Bonds to metal, aluminum, cast, alloy or plastic. The White Shepherd Stop Leak & Conditioner works on cars, trucks, vans or SUV's with gas or diesel engines, automatic transmissions, marine engines, grader, dozer hydraulic pumps, farm tractors and equipments. Contains 8 fl. oz. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to